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SELEDA Fertilizers serve the agricultural communities with the highest quality organic based granular and liquid fertilizers manufactured at the state-of- the-art integratedbiogas-fertilizer facility which is the largest of European continent.

Our innovative product line for achieving conscious and balanced soil nutrition, proper soil regulation, durable and healthy plant growth are the first choice of the agriculture experts. Seleda products which bring the producers most successful results by combining all the innovations of technology with the accumulation of research and development for a long period of time, prevent alternative costs and make a positive contribution to soil, plant, environment and human health.

Europe’s largest integrated fertilizer plant

Seleda North Fertilizers

About our Fertilizers

Our products are manufactured with the vision of balancing and curing the structure of acidic and alkaline soil types. With humic acid and sulphur in its content, the products prevent salination and infertility of the soil. Additionally, SELEDA Fertilizers increase the organic matter percentage of and prolong fertile period of the soil. Besides, the major substances such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur, SELEDA Fertilizers contain humic acid, released calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. Due to its humic/fulvic acidic ingredient structure, prevention of the formation of hardpan soil and a comfortable working environment for plant root and tubers provided. The primary objectives of SELEDA Fertilizer production are the rehabilitation of the soil which is poor in organic matter and meet the desires of farmers to obtain high efficiency from the unit area. With that vision in mind, SELEDA Fertilizers manufacture its products in their new, modern and high capacity facility with the aim of providing the soil longevity and healthy plants with easy application methods for farmers.

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ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate

  • Seleda Organic Fertilizers Obtained By Fermentation
  • Benefits of Seleda Organic Fertilizers

SELEDA Organic Fertilizers is obtained by the fermentation of only animal manure and agricultural plant wastes and contains valuable plant nutrients as organic compounds. The EU certified organic products are manufactured in Turkey’s largest integrated biogas- fertilizer plant and in line with the standards of Turkish Ministry of Agriculture as well as the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission. 

  • —   Improves the soil aggregate stability and increases the capacity of water movement.
  • —   Soil with 1% organic matter, contains 15 mt/da water within the first 30 cm depth. When the organic matter of the soil increases to 2%, the water capacity jumps to 30 mt/da. This increases the resistance of the soil and plant to dryness.
  • —   Huge savings on irrigation water is expected since the plants’ water needs lower.
  • —   Preserves the mellow structure of the soil.
  • —   Prevents high bulk density and plow pan layer on the soil so the cultivation costs are lower.
  • —   Prevents soil crusting, reduces hoeing work.
  • —   Increases the air movement and drainage of the soil.
  • —   Improves the structure of sandy and handpan soil.
  • —   Buffers the climate changes.
  • —   Plant roots are better developed and grows deeper.
  • —   Prevents chalking of the soil so that the allergenic substances within the dust does not cause air pollution.
  • —     Improves the seed germination. Strengthens the fibrous roots.
  • —     The soil becomes darker and the sunlight absorption increases.
  • —     Increases the pace of plant growth and lead to earlier harvests.
  • —     Increases biodegradation and pragmatic microbial density.
  • —   Increases the number and quality of the crops.
  • —   Improves organic matter cation exchange capacity.
  • —   Regulates the soil pH.
  • —   Resolves the bonded nutrients within the soil and enable easy absorption of them.
  • —   Enables fast degradation of pesticides, reduces the risk of phytotoxicity. 
  • —   The organic acids within the products buffers heavy metals and prevents groundwater pollution.
  • —   Prevents soil salination.
  • —   Cures the effects of heavy chemical fertilizer use such as salination and desertification.
  • —   Contains the vital minerals for soil so that the fertility increases.
  • —   Evenly distribute the nitrogen to the plants that has been given to the soil.
  • —   The iron in the soil is converted to an absorbable form for the plant to grow.
  • —   Speeds up the plant growth by increasing the cell division of the plant.
  • —   Strengthens the immune system of the plant against pests and pathogenics.
  • —   Reduces the toxics on the soil. Increases the organic carbon rate of the soil with plant growth.
  • —   Lowers the need of chemical fertilizers.
  • —   Keeps together the top layer of soil and prevents soil erosion caused by wind and water.
  • Seleda Organomineral Fertilizers
  • Benefits Of Seleda Organomineral Fertilizers

Seleda Organomineral Fertilizers is a hybrid product type that is a combination of vital plant nutrients and Seleda Organic Fertilizers. The organic base of the products is obtained through the fermentation of only animal manure and agricultural plant wastes and sterilized in state-of-the-art purification system in line with EU standards. Seleda Organomineral Fertilizers combines the functions of organic matter for curing soil as well as the advantage of mineral additives. Being in granular form and low humidity rates, the products are easing the application for the farmers.

  • —   Cures the soil permanently and improves the development of the roots with the use of organic matter and rich plant nutrients within its body. On the contrary, chemical fertilizers provide the nutrients at an optimum level. 
  • —   Applicable for all soil types with the contents such as nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter.
  • —   Since the products are obtained through fermentation in absolute sterilized conditions, they do not contain subsoil pests such as Nematod, toxic bacterias and weed seeds.
  • —   Feeds the plant with its enriched content: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. Additionally, sulphur helps reduce the effects of high pH levels of soil.
  • —   Fills the deficiency of Zinc which is one of the most important trace elements.
  • —   Suitable with the mainstream fertilizing equipment of farmers with its smooth granular form and low humidity.
  • —   Provides the macro and micro nutrients required by the plant and organic matter required by the soil at the same time.
  • —   Improves the quality and amount of the crops.
  • —   Supply the needs of humic acid and organic matter of the soil. 
  • —   Prevents washing out or bonding of the nutrients applied to soil. 
  • —   Reduces the harm of salination to the soil.
  • —   Increases ventilation of roots and water capacity of the soil.
  • —   Strengthens the plant resistance against drought and gelation.
  • —   Speeds up seed germination.
  • —   Does not cause groundwater pollution caused by excessive chemical fertilizers usage.
  • —   Strengthens the immune system of the plant against diseases and pests. 
  • —   Develops healthy root and strong body development for the plants.
  • —   Since the base of SELEDA Organomineral Fertilizers is Seleda Organic products, Organominerals contain the advantages of the organic products as well. 

Benefits to the Farmers

Easy application to the soil, reduces fuel oil costs. Extends the life of agricultural equipment and machinery, reduces corrosion. Since the water capacity of the soil increased, need of irrigation water decreases. When used continuously, Seleda fertilizers improves the health and strengthens the immune system of the plants. So, this results as less usage of agricultural pesticides. The soil becomes easy to process, less maintenance will be required. The need for soil nutrients is decreased. The quality and amount of the crops increases. All these benefits result as huge saving in time, labor, additives and increases the harvests in the unit area.

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