AminoSEL-AZOTE 9-0-0

Liquid Organomineral Fertilizer with Nitrogen
AminoSEL - AZOTE 9-0-0

AminoSEL Azote is a new generation organomineral fertilizer with nitrogen containing organic liquid substance which is enzyme rich, fermented with nitrogen and amino acid. It can be used as bottom fertilizer as well as to meet the nitrogen need of the plant during the period of plant development through the leaf. AminoSEL Azote is produced by a special process which meets the nitrogen need of plant in every period such as seed germination, root development, blooming and fruit set due to its slow releasing characteristic. It allows the nutrition elements to be easily absorbed by plants both through leaves and roots and reach all parts of the plants by means of amino acids it contained which  are the constituent of the plant. AminoSEL Azote also prevents the washing loss of nitrogen in applications through soil due to its slow nitrogen releasing characteristic.

Guaranteed Content

Guaranteed Content

% (w/w)

Organic Substance


Total Nitrogen (N)


Ammonium Nitrogen (N)


Urea Nitrogen (N)


Free Amino Acids



5,5 – 7,5

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