AminoSEL-K 3-0-9

Liquid Organomineral Fertilizer with NK
AminoSEL-K 3-0-9

AminoSEL – K is a special organomineral liquid fertilizer, produced by combining the enzyme-rich, fermented organic substance with nitrogen, potassium and amino acids. It can be applied on all sorts of crops through leaves and drip irrigation system. The amino acids present in the product allows the potassium to be easily absorbed by the plant and to reach every part of the plant. As the stressing factors such as cold, hot, salinity and drought prevent the potassium intake, the use of AminoSEL – K at such times allows potassium to be taken easily. It increases the potassium sugar level; and it has a quality additive effect such as colour, aroma, ripening, stiffness and storage resistance of the fruit. It prevents yield decreases by eliminating trace element deficiencies with a high risk of occurrence in soils containing high lime and pH value, due to the organic chelated micro elements within its constitution. It has an important contribution with regard to the fruit size and quality.

Guaranteed Content

Guaranteed Content

% (w/w)

Organic Substance


Total Nitrogen (N)


Ammonium Nitrogen (N)


Urea Nitrogen (N)


Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)


Free Amino Acids




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