AminoSEL-NPK 7-7-7

Liquid Organomineral Fertilizer with NPK
AminoSEL-NPK 7-7-7

AminoSEL-NPK fertilizer is a special organomineral liquid fertilizer with new generation NPK combined with the enzyme-rich, fermented organic substance obtained from biogas facility with nitrogen, phosphor, potassium, amino acids and organic chelated micro elements. AminoSEL-NPK fertilizer can feed the plants in a balanced manner during plant development period until fruitage / grain formation and 15 days to harvest as well as being used as bottom fertilizer. It accelerates the seed germination, root development, blooming and fruit set. It allows the NPK to be easily absorbed by plants both through leaves and roots and reach all parts of the plants by means of amino acids it contained which are the constituent of the plant. It also contains the micro elements which the plants need as organic chelated.

Guaranteed Content

Guaranteed Content

% (w/w)

Organic Substance


Total Nitrogen (N)


Ammonium Nitrogen (N)


Urea Nitrogen (N)


Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)


Soluble Potash (K2O)


Free Amino Acids



5,5 – 7,5

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