Organic Fertilizer BioPure 2-0-3

Organic Liquid Fertilizer Obtained by Fermentation
SELEDA BioPure 2-0-3

          BioPure 2-0-3 is a unique organic liquid fertilizer produced by a special process as a consequence of milling into a size of 2 microns and suspensing the mixture of organic liquid substance which is enzyme rich, fermented and obtained from biogas facility and multiple solid organic substances. It increases the moister and aeration capacity of soil. It helps the nutrients present in a useless manner in the soil to become useful. It balances the pH value of soil. It increases the nutrient holding capacity of the soil. It decreases the nutrient washing in the soil. It helps to decrease the soil salinity. It helps the nutrition of the plant by releasing the nutrients which it contains within itself while degrading in soil. It facilitates the development of root system by plant in soil. It is the energy and nutrient source for edaphons. It helps to increase the microorganism amount and activities in soil.

Guaranteed Content

Guaranteed Content

% (w/w)

Organic Substance


Organic Nitrogen (N)


Soluble Potash (K2O)


Free Amino Acids


Total Humic + Fulvic Acid




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