Results for Cucumber

Study Details

Location: Antalya
Tester: Ali Ozturk
Seleda Product: BioGas
Application area: 2 da
1st application: by drip irrigation 
Date of application: 09/11/18
Observation date: 09/19/18 

On 11th of September 2018, a trial application was made with Seleda BioGas on 1 decare of a cucumber greenhouse field in Boztepe. A yield of 638 kg was obtained in the application area. 20-10-20 powdered fertilizer, amino acid liquid fertilizer, and balanced NPK powdered fertilizer were used in the area where the application was not made. A yield of 308 kg was obtained in the non-treated area. 

Yield increase per acre 

Control area
20-20-0 + NPK Powdered + Amino acid 

Trial area
20-20-0 + NPK Powdered + Amino acid + Seleda BioGas



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