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Cotton Farming

1. Classic Fertility Proposal



Seleda 12.12.0+Zn

With Seed Planting (To Base) 50 Kg / Da

Seleda Biogas

With Seed Planting (to Base) 3 Lt / Ha

Seleda Ure-Mag 24.0.0+MgO+Fe

20 Kg / Da in Virgo Attitude

Seleda Ure-Mag 24.0.0+MgO+Fe

15 Kg / Da in Flowering and Cocoon Attitude

Seleda Aminosel-Azote 18.0.0+ME + Aminosel-P 3.15.0+MgO+ME + Aminosel-K 3.0.15+ME + Seleda Aminosel – Calcium 8.0.0+7CaO+B

– 300 cc / Da in Virgo Attitude (Azote) + 300 cc / Da in Flowering and Cocoon Attitude (P + K) + 150 cc (Ca) with First Spraying

2. Super Economic Proposal



Seleda Biogas

With Seed Planting (Base) 3 Lt / Da + 2 Lt / Da with Spike Hold + 3 Lt / Da With First Spraying

Seleda Aminosel Azote 18.0.0+ME

300 cc / Da in Virgo Attitude + 150 cc / Da in Flowering and Cocoon Attitude

Seleda Aminosel-P 3.15.0+MgO+ME

In Virgo Attitude 150 cc / Da + Flowering and In Boll Attitude 150 cc / Da

Seleda Aminosel – Calcium 8.0.0+7CaO+B

100 cc / da with the first spraying

Seleda Aminosel-K 3.0.15+ME

In Flowering and Cocoon Attitude 150 cc / Da + With First Spraying 100 cc / Da

What if cotton is not fed sufficiently?

If cotton cannot get sufficient nutrients from the soil during its growth, it may show the following signals.

Nitrogen (N) deficiency:

Cotton needs nitrogen uptake from the soil mostly during the process when its cocoons start to be half full. Nitrogen deficiency causes slow development, leaf deficiency, shedding its cocoons and late opening, thus reducing its productivity. Since nitrogen is constantly transported in the plant and transferred to leaves late, the most obvious indicator of its deficiency is yellowing of the old leaves first, then weakness of the plant roots and leaf dryness come next. 

Phosphorus (P) deficiency:

Phosphorus deficiency in cotton is not easily distinguishable compared to other nutrient deficiencies. It is manifested by the leaves getting a darker green color and with red-purple spots. Lack of phosphorus causes delay in maturation, less branching and cocoons than normal, and ultimately reduced number of yields. 

Potassium (K) deficiency:

In potassium deficiency, yellow and red brown spots appear on the leaf edges and veins, and curls are observed down on the edges. Cotton bolls take on different look than usual and fall-offs may occur before they complete their development. 

Fertilization Techniques

Sugar Beet








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